HR and Payroll Implementation
XFour offers years of implementation experience and subject matter expertise. XFour boasts end to end implementation deployment competencies and skills, providing expert services in the following domains:

  • Business, Process and Technical analysts
  • Functional Consulting – Payroll and HR
  • Development Consulting
  • Technical Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Reporting Specialists
  • Quality Assurance

Management Consulting
XFour Offers Management consulting with the aim of improving the effectiveness of their Payroll and HR business strategy, organisational performance and operational processes in the following areas:

  • Decision making guidelines in product selection
  • Develop a strategic plan to realise product and processing efficiency
  • Advise on innovation or cost reduction strategies i.e. Technology Platform to automate processes.
  • Plan and advise on improving employees life cycle
  • Strategic insight on how toimprove your status of“Employer of Choice”
  • Advise and insight on strategic solutions and integrations
  • Best practice implementation and delivery approach of Payroll and HR solutions.
  • Change Management and adoption strategies.

Development Consulting
Customising existing software and delivering solutions to suit and improve your organization’s business strategy and processes. With development experience in a wide range of methodologies, technologies and industries, the XFour development team is ready for absolutely any challenge.

  • Digitize the areas of your business for improved and efficient performance.
  • Enriching your employee self-service experience,
  • Provide insightful analytics and reports

Integration Consulting
XFour provides organisations with integration services to reap the benefits of a collaborative solution.

  • Our full- featured integration services performed by trained professionals mean a fast, smooth deployment with minimal business disruption.
  • We integrate existing technology with industry-leading solutions in a RESTful or RESTless fashion
  • Provide customized statements of work and delivery options so your staff can be as involved or as hands-off as they want
  • Offer on-premise or off-premise staging and pre-configuration.

Project Management
The project methodology implements agile techniques to deliver milestones in time and within budget ensuring a successful implementation. The project methodology will follow the SDLC with a hybrid approach of the underlying framework using the waterfall model and where necessary apply agile techniques to complete pieces of work ensuring a quality delivery that exceeds the customer expectations.
The project will follow the SDLC phases of

  • Analysis/Requirements
  • Design and planning
  • Build/Configure
  • Testing and Training
  • Deploy (Cutover/live) and
    Support – Go to business

Some Major Project Artifacts to be delivered:

  • Project Charter
  • MS Project Plan
  • Functional requirements document
  • Technical requirements document
  • Parallel Reconciliations
  • Phase sign-off and authorizations to proceed

Supporting and Management documentation:

  • RAID Logs
  • Progress Documentation
  • Sprint boards
  • Steering committee Dashboard
  • Cost reporting
  • CR Document

Ongoing exchanging of project information

  • Daily Stand-up’s
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly progress meetings
  • Monthly Steering committee meetings